Techniflex started out in 1987 using its experience in the field of air treatment systems with civil and industrial applications. Although it is a relatively young company, it has become a noted name in an industry that has acquired a strong identity and that was rapidly expanding during the very period of the company’s establishment.

We’re a proven team whose main purpose is to respond to our customers’ requirements and problem-solving needs quickly and effectively. Techniflex’s technical background, its experience in working with experts in the field of air treatment systems with civil and industrial applications, have generated a broad spectrum of components and equipment for a wide variety of needs and solutions.

Today Techniflex is engaged in the development, manufacturing, quality control and marketing of a wide range of industrial hoses, ducting and related product systems.

 The company carries and adequate perception of client’s needs as a primal goal, next to a policy of competitive pricing, reliable quality and a fast personal service.

Techniflex offers many standard solutions which are available from stock. This allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to your requirements. In conjunction with our own R&D department we are also able to develop customized solutions with our customers.

Quality is not just a word at Techniflex, it is our philosophy. Extensive quality management, from purchasing through to product development, from production through to shipping, ensures highest quality standards are automatically experienced by our customers.